Project Management/Consulting

Project Management and Consulting is the core of our business. As an independent third party, we serve as owner representative, securing the best vendors for specific project needs and priorities. We take a lead role in finding professionals to achieve the best design and specifications for the developed budget. In addition, our qualifying and vetting out process ensures our client that the best suitable construction team has been assembled, while managing risk, assuring quality, and always operating in the best interest of the owner.

We manage every aspect of the process, from the initial phases all the way to completion and maintenance of operations. Throughout, we keep consistent communication between all parties while meeting the interests and needs of the owner.

Our involvement comes down to Project Control. With the concept of Project Control implemented in your project, offers a broad range of project management services to our clients. Services are tailored for each project to meet the needs and desires of the owner. The following list represents a general description of our project control services:

CONSULTANT SELECTION: Project Control assists the owner in selecting the most qualified consultants for various projects by preparing requests for proposals, evaluating the proposals and making recommendations to the owner. Following this process, Project Control conducts interviews with the firms. With Project Control’s proven and thorough techniques for consultant selection, the owner is better able to make the best consultant selection for the project.

REPORTING: Project Control prepares written monthly status reports for distribution to the appropriate parties. The reports address the current status of each individual project. Project Control will attend meetings, then report to the owner and answer questions.

BUDGETING: Based on an approved facility program, Project Control prepares, for the owner’s review and approval, an overall project budget. This budget is developed for each individual facility and projects costs for all anticipated budget categories. These budgets are monitored and updated continuously by Project Control for the duration of the project, including tracking of invoices chargeable to the project budget.

CONTRACTING: Project Control will prepare and negotiate contracts for the owner. The aggregate value dollar amounts can range from $100 on over a billion dollars. Our contracts have been developed from the owner’s perspective for the benefit of the project.

SCHEDULING: Our experience in managing the entire process, not just one segment, allows us to prepare reliable project schedules for both the design and construction phases early in the project development stage. These schedules are monitored and updated periodically to identify potential problem areas so that they can be dealt with before the project is delayed.

MONITORING: To finish a project on time, within budget and with the desired quality, professional monitoring on a daily basis is necessary. Project Control continuously oversees all aspects of a project, anticipates problem areas and assists in resolving problems and conflicts that may arise during a project.

SITE SELECTION: Project Control assists the owner in identifying sites which are most appropriate for the specific project. Sites are evaluated for utility services, access, zoning, restrictions, etc. Checklists of local, state and federal regulations are referenced to ensure that no environmental issues will negatively impact site utilization

VALUE ANALYSIS: Project Control can save owners millions of dollars in construction costs. We work constantly with the owner and design team during the completion of documents to review savings opportunities while the project design is being developed. With the agreement of the owner, these opportunities are available to be implemented prior to bidding. By working with the contractor, additional cost savings options can be developed during construction.

CLOSE OUT: During final stages of project completion, Project Control closely monitors the activities of the contractor to make certain that punch list items are promptly completed. Project Control has added provisions to the contractor’s contract which severely penalize the contractor should he fail to diligently complete the punch list. During the warranty period, Project Control continues to serve as the owner’s advocate to make certain that any warranty work is expeditiously completed.